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The world has moved on from ‘Interruption Marketing’ which is “stop, listen to me, buy from me”. We now live in an era of relationship based marketing.

One of the most common mistakes we see businesses making is using social media to sell at their audience, rather than to build relationship with their audience. In doing this, they’re skipping too many steps and trying to get married on the first date. Not cool.

Most of your market isn’t ready to buy yet. 

In today’s world it is the brands that have a systemised buyer’s journey that win. A marketing & sales model that enables them to build relationships at scale and then move their audience through a staged buyer’s journey that helps their audience buy more, more often.

This comes down to architecting the right journey that is tailored for your customer, and automating the heavy lifting.

So, what sort of systems are you using?

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Jack Delosa  

Founder, Chairman & Executive Director of The Entourage